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Stride Angle in racehorses - fact or fiction

In my last post I alluded to the angle of the stride of Frankel by talking about the 'extension' that he seems to have and the lack of curl of his foreleg. I received a couple of emails about the "stride angle" of Frankel and how it might compare to Secretariat. To be honest, I didn't know too much about this so I googled (is that a word?) away to see what was being referred to. The basis of the concept seems to come from the work of Bob Prichard at a company called Somax Performance Institute. Mr Prichard's posit is that through motion analysis and what he calls "Microfiber Reduction" he can improve speed and efficiency of motion but also that there is a corrleation between stride length an

Frankel: a lesson in extension and curl

I was wanting to watch the Channel 4 show on Frankel and Sir Henry Cecil but to my dismay I couldn't find if someone had streamed it so I gave up. Before I did however I stumbled across this older Racing UK footage of a track gallop. It was pretty sweet watching him go by the good horses Bullet Train and Jet Away as if they were stuck to a post. I have already done some rough measurements of his average maximal stride but there were some other features of his stride that I was struck by in watching the video (slowed down on Kinovea). Firstly, he has zero curl of his forelegs. What do I mean by that, here is a photo of a horse with some serious mechanical inefficiencies in terms of 'curl'. I

The Stride of a Champion: How does American Pharoah compare to Secretariat?

Earlier in the week someone from the Wall Street Journal rather cleverly put the Belmont Stakes performances of Secretariat and American Pharoah together to show exactly when the two of them would have finished from the time that the gates opened to the finish. I am not really one that revels in comparing great racehorses between one another. My feeling is that once they are in the top 5% of the population, they are good, and the difference between them is so nuanced that comparison ruins its relevancy. For example, I'd counter any comparison between American Pharoah and Secretariat by saying that Secretariat had the benefit of being full of steroids (take it easy....they all were at that ti