What a good Thoroughbred Cardio looks like

Following my post last week on lessons learned on genetic testing of thoroughbreds, it was suggested by a well known equine exercise physiologist that I was "down" on cardio's based on the tone of what I had written. Nothing could be further from the truth so I think I should take the time to explain both what a good Thoroughbred cardio looks like, and why there are limitations to cardiovascular testing alone. Firstly, what does a good cardio look like. Well, they say a picture is a thousand words so I have below the m-mode images of three horses. The first image is of the horse Sunofwolf. I actually misspelt his name when I was imaging him but you can take a look at his race record by clic

3 Lessons Learned about Genetic Testing of Thoroughbreds

Earlier this week I was asked to write down some thoughts about genetic testing in Thoroughbreds for the upcoming International Thoroughbred Breeders Federation congress in March. In the process of doing this (the below doesn’t represent what I have sent to the ITBF), I started to think about what we have done to date, the successes and failures that we’ve had and some of the lessons learned in the various experiences I’ve had with clients and industry bodies. Lesson One – DNA is not necessarily destiny. If somebody says that they can take a hair or blood sample from a horse and tell you with 100% certainty that you have a fast racehorse or not they are telling you a lie. That is not to say

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