Thoroughbred Selection by The Numbers

On the run out of the Northern Hemisphere yearling sales and into the Southern Hemisphere one, we've been doing a lot more data modeling using different tools to weigh statistical data (like foal rank; age of mare; generational interval, etc), biomechanical data (leg length, girth, body length, etc), cardiac data (Left Ventricular measurements) and genetic data (SNPs of exercise relevant genes) to build a single unified model and improve our thoroughbred sales selection process for our clients. Horses like Verrazano and New Years Day are great advertisements for what we are doing but any company worth their salt is continually improving their prediction models and we are no different in that

Genetics and Pedigree Analysis - just names on a page

Without in any way belittling or demeaning those that struggle daily with substance abuse issues, I feel that I have to start this post with an Alcoholics Anonymous type confession - I was once a Pedigree Analyst. As a preface, this is a bit more of a personal post, so if you were hoping (expecting) something of a more technical nature, feel free to move on. For those that are happy to indulge, I was one of 'those guys' who believed that the pedigree held the answer, and by arranging the names on the page in a certain way I could help breed or select a superior racehorse. That is not to say that I was totally naive about the racing class of the immediate parents and grandparents of a foal or

A New Year's Day for the Breeders' Cup

The Breeders' Cup races have been run and won for another year and we are really happy to say that we had the good fortune to have some involvement in New Year's Day, the young racehorse that now gives trainer Bob Baffert and his owners Gary and Mary West some 'Derby Fever' after impressively winning the Breeders' Cup Juvenile (GI). My business partner Alan Porter at Pedigree Consultants has been advising the breeder of New Years Day, Clearsky Farm, on their matings with this crop of two year olds being the first of his recommendations. Clearsky is now run by the brothers Bernard and Eamonn Cleary who took over the farm following the passing of their father Eamon last year. Eamon (Sr) asked

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