The Pandora's Box

With the result of the artificial insemination case in Australia just a few weeks away from being handed down, with significant worldwide implications, there is a timely reminder of the Pandora's Box that allowing A.I would open. Once you let one form of artificial breeding in, it most likely isn't possible to then decide what is acceptable and what is not, regardless of ones own moral feelings about it. In the Quarter Horse game, where A.I has been allowed for some time, a legal suit was issued this week against the AQHA to allow the registration of cloned horses. Interesting times! #ArtificialInsemination

How Much Mitochondria

We have previously discussed how there are variations within Mitochondrial DNA that can indicate athletic performance but that if the polymorphisms in the mitochondria (mtDNA) relating to elite performance in thoroughbreds existed, over the last 300 years we would have selected for it by now and all horses would come from the one, or two mitochondrial haplotypes. Humans haven’t been selected the same way as horses and there are a lot of different mitochondrial groups, even if we all go back to a mitochondrial eve at some point. It is just as important to know that mitochondrial DNA is small in terms of size but does an awful lot in terms of function. How it does this is by using nuclear base

Examining the Airway

We have previously discussed the genetics behind “roaring” and how science is starting to get to the point of being able to identify the variants within the genes responsible for a problem that all owners and trainers hate to face. It is going to take some time for this to eventuate, but in the meantime there are some very interesting developments in terms of overground videoendoscopy that will enable veterinarians, trainers and owners to better understand the upper airway under race pressure. In a paper presented in this month’s ‘early view’ of the Equine Veterinary Journal, scientists discuss the use of an overground videoendoscopy used under race day conditions. Overground videoendoscopy

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