A few new studies of interest

There have been a few new studies release in the past week or so that are of interest. The papers are attached to the links This one is on the muscle loss that occurs following exercise. It is based on trotters but we think that the same would apply to thoroughbreds also. It mentions some specific amino acids and the like to supplement post work to increase muscle recovery and reduce muscle loss. It is a little underpowered, not enough horses really, but it is a very interesting preliminary study. There is another summary of the findings here. This is a really good study on humans and their response to exercise training (it opens as a PDF). This study established a genome-wide predictive mod

Genetics and Trainability

Genomic Predictors of Trainability - While this study is related to human's we found it interesting nonetheless as it has been a long term study. In particular of interest was the findings that "A genomic predictor score based on the number of favorable alleles carried at 21 single nucleotide polymorphisms appears to be able to identify low and high training response classes that differ by at least threefold." To read the study click here #Trainability #Genomics

Purchase Price and Performance

We found this a rather interesting study, completed by the University of Melbourne in Australia, on the relationship between yearling purchase price and subsequent performance. In particular their finding that "There was a positive association between purchase price category and the probability of starting, number of starts, earning prize money and earning greater than A$40,000". A link to the study here.

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